Hands of Stone

Considering the viagra discount abundance of compelling angles to http://www.cassidashop.com/alternative-to-viagra choose from both inside and it's great! outside the boxing ring, it’s disappointing that Hands of Stone treats its true-life subject matter with kid gloves. This wildly unfocused biopic of legendary Panamanian fighter Roberto Duran hits the highlights of his life and career without offering much depth or context outside […]

Steve Rogers: America’s Underdog, and the Importance of Representation

In recent weeks, there have been a slew of buy abilify online uk we use it online editorials penned about the confluence of the internet and fan entitlement, and how social media often acts as a conduit for hatred and bigotry. With the violent misogyny of reboot Ghostbuster-haters (sharpened to a crude peak in the order prescription levitra wow it's great form of Leslie Jones’ online harassment and […]