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The concept of a reboot or spinoff is one typically associated with studio efforts to price of diflucan 150 mg in india capitalize on existing intellectual property and stronge cymbalta for sales built-in audiences.  The ROCKY franchise is one, however, which defied expectations from the beginning.   Producers Irwin Winkler and Henry Chartoff nearly bankrupted themselves, putting personal assets up as collateral, to see that the original […]

The week’s DVDs begin in the shadows:

DVDs and streaming for Nov. 24 by Boo Allen     This week, we begin in the shadows:     Dark Film Mysteries: Detour, Woman on the Run, Quicksand, Inner Sanctum, Kansas City Confidential, The Stranger, Fear in the Night, The Strange Woman, The Red House, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Scarlet Street. Film […]