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Capsule reviews for Sept. 7


Thankfully, it’s not a big-screen version of the reality television show of the same name, but this ensemble comedy about girls behaving badly isn’t much better. It follows a group of jealous bridesmaids through a night of debauchery and mischief the night before the wedding of their pudgy friend (Rebel Wilson), during which the shenanigans begin with a torn wedding dress and go from there. Although the sharp-tongued script from rookie director Leslye Headland has some big laughs and tries to tap into some jealousy issues, it’s practically impossible to root for these losers. The spirited cast includes Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and James Marsden. (Rated R, 91 minutes).


Hello I Must Be Going

Sharp writing and solid performances elevate this modest low-budget romance from director Todd Louiso (Love Liza). The film follows a young divorcee (Melanie Lynskey) struggling to put her life back together when she moves back in with her bitter mother (Blythe Danner), before becoming rejuvenated after striking up a relationship with a young actor (Christopher Abbott). While the story takes some predictable turns, the script by Sarah Koskoff — boosted by Lynskey’s low-key portrayal — has a raw and heartfelt authenticity in its characters and issues. Plus, it handles some potentially tricky material, in terms of the age difference between its main characters, with sensitivity and intelligence. (Rated R, 94 minutes).


The Inbetweeners Movie

Fans of the British sitcom (now being remade domestically) will best appreciate this big-screen adaptation that serves as a lackluster final send-off of sorts for its goofball characters. In this misadventure, Will (Simon Bird) his trio of socially awkward classmates — including Jay (James Buckley), Simon (Joe Thomas) and Neil (Blake Harrison) — vacation together in the Greek islands for a week of sex, alcohol and general recklessness. The film is just as raunchy as you might expect, but there really isn’t enough material here for a feature, with some scattered big laughs and exotic scenery not enough to compensate for a thin and episodic script. (Rated R, 97 minutes).


Toys in the Attic

It’s difficult to figure the audience for this eccentric stop-motion animated fable from the Czech Republic, which traces a group of anthropomorphic discarded toys including a teddy bear and a mechanical mouse who must band together to rescue a kidnapped doll. Small kids might appreciate director Jiri Barta’s characters and simplistic dialogue (dubbed into English with a cast including Forest Whitaker, Cary Elwes and Joan Cusack), but the dark tone, mix of animation styles (including hand-drawn and live-action components) and a story with Cold War sociopolitical subtext will likely be over their heads. Either way, it feels like an experimental short subject stretched to feature length. (Not rated, 74 minutes).

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