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Capsule reviews for April 20

The Moth Diaries

This gothic, low-budget Twilight rip-off takes place at a posh all-female boarding school, where classmates Rebecca (Sarah Bolger) and Lucie (Sarah Gadon) have their friendship tested by Ernessa (Lily Cole), a mysterious new girl whose withdrawn nature might stem from the recent suicide of her father, or it might be caused by a darker secret. Without much suspense, however, viewers might not care enough to find out. The cast of fresh faces is strong, but the screenplay by director Mary Harron (American Psycho), adapted from a novel by Rachel Klein, favors supernatural dazzle over the exploration of deeper, character-driven issues such as jealousy and repressed sexuality. (Rated R, 82 minutes).


My Way

Just when you thought there weren’t any more World War II stories that hadn’t been told comes this ambitious Korean epic from director Kang Je-kyu based on the true story of a young Korean marathon runner who forms an unlikely bond with a Japanese rival on the front lines of the war. The two men are forced to put aside their personal and political differences when they are taken prisoner prior to the battle of Normandy. There is plenty of taut action and visual spectacle in reportedly the most expensive Korean film ever made. Unfortunately, those efforts are compromised by a script that relies on melodrama and Hollywood clichés. (Rated R, 143 minutes).

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